Monday, May 13, 2019

Village Market 2019

After much consideration, the village market team is sorry to announce the decision was made to cancel the Village Market this year.

This would have been our third Village Market and we were looking forward to providing this service to our community. We used feedback from previous markets to modify the hours and dates of the market, moving back to a later time slot 4-7 pm, and every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.

Hundreds of applications for vendors were mailed out in February and only a handful were received back. We followed up on vendors with phone calls and emails and reached out to potential vendors via social media. With the lack of vendor participation, we felt it wouldn’t be possible to host a successful market this year.  

We are planning to take this year off and will review our process and plans for the Village Market. It is our hope to host a market again in the summer of 2020! We want to thank the vendors that did apply and those that were able participate in past markets. A big thank you to all the patrons of the market as well. We hope to see you all back next summer!