Thursday, October 5, 2017

Rock the Block is Coming to Little Chute in 2018

In the Spring of 2018, the Village of Little Chute will be working with the Greater Fox Cities Habitat for Humanity to hold a Rock the Block event in Little Chute.  While planning is currently underway, now is the time to reach out to the Rock the Block organizers if you would like to participate.  For information on the event, please read below and note the contact information listed below.  We look forward to collectively improving our community in 2018 and thank the Habitat for Humanity team for choosing Little Chute!

What is Rock the Block? 

An event: 
o    Targeting a neighborhood for a concentrated period of time 
o    Exterior home repair projects for low income homeowners and projects to improve/beautify the neighborhood 
o    As part of this event we have replaced siding, roofing, leveled porches, painted, replaced windows and removed trees, to name a few.
o    Collaborations involving residents, municipalities, local businesses, volunteers, other non-profits and more come together to: 
§  Assist low income residents 
§  Transform neighborhoods 
§  Increase neighborhood pride 
§  Improve quality of life 

Resident Involvement 

·                     Homeowners pay for exterior improvements through non-interest deferred loans – up to $3,000 
·                     Homeowners' are required to assist in repairs as they are able. 
·                     Residents play a key role in determining what’s needed to improve quality of life where they live 
·                     Through home repairs, residents see increased home equity and have more long-term security. This permanent housing stabilizes the neighborhood and this stability helps break the cycle of poverty 
·                     Engaged residents help create safer more cohesive neighborhoods; look out for one another and have more “eyes on the street” 

Please contact Sarah Wylie, Rock the Block Outreach Coordinator, with any questions and to learn how to apply at 920-268-8561 or email at