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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wild Flower Planting at Island Park

What is your
favorite color? 
Is it Blue, Green,
Yellow, Red?
Without question
our favorite color

Mother Nature has been providing us with some magnificent colors in Little Chute.  As the leaves change and the colors come out in abundance, numerous families are enjoying the fall beauty at Island Park and Heesakker Park.  The recent addition of a large wild flower planting on the levy hillside at Island Park is a site to see right now!  That is why our favorite color is October!  The pictures of the blooming wild flowers are gorgeous, and we hope you agree.

This is the Village’s first wild flower planting project in a park.  The planting is located on the north side of Island Park, which is the canal levy hillside.  The hillside planting area is over 300 feet and it contains over a dozen different wild flowers, including Larkspur, Four-O’Clock, Lupine, Poppy, Gaura, Poppy, Mint, Marigold, and more.  This deer resistant planting provides an improved habitat for birds & butterfly’s, improves the aesthetic beauty of the park, and also reduces the village’s costs to maintain the parks open space. 
This new addition is one of many alongside the Heritage Parkway Trail that connects Island Park to Heesakker Park.  If you haven’t yet checked out the trail, or even if it’s been a while, there’s no better time than October.  The paved asphalt trail is accessible by everyone.  You can enjoy this wonderful trail for exercise, recreation, or just sightseeing.  Take a break and enjoy the view of the Fox River on one of several memorial benches along your journey.  While on the pedestrian bridge connecting the parks, there is a scenic overlook area in the middle of the bridge that is well worth the stop.  This is where you can get a birds-eye view of the Combined Lock.  This vantage point is a great spot for picture taking as the view is something you have to see. 

Get on out to Island Park, enjoy the walking trail, and be sure to tell your friends!  Remember to bring your four legged friends as well.  Dogs that are leashed and licensed are always welcome to enjoy the trail.  Please be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your pet.  There are several waste receptacles along the path for your convenience.    We truly hope that everyone enjoys all the wonders our Little Chute parks have to offer. 

Please continue to give us your feedback as well, and we’ll keep improving.  Working together we have a strong community with amenities we can all be proud of.  See you on the trail! 
~ Little Chute Parks, Recreation & Forestry Dept.

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