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Monday, March 31, 2014

Poll Opportunity: Village Seeks Citizen Input

As set by Wisconsin State Statute, the Village President and Board of Trustees are elected to two-year terms.  Recently the Village staff has been working with the Village Board, other communities and the Village Attorney to explore the possibility of changing the terms of office from two to three year terms for the Board of Trustees and the Village President. 

Of the approximate 402 Villages in the state of Wisconsin, there are roughly 15-20 Villages that have enacted charter ordinances to change terms of office from two to three year terms for their Boards.  Some of the communities that have initiated this change include (but not limited to) Ashwaubenon, Germantown, Suamico, Greenville, Whitefish Bay, Brown Deer and Menominee Falls. 

Generally, communities with three-year terms opt to have a 2-2-3 election cycle, so that two trustees are up for election each year and in the third year the Village President is also elected.  Under two-year terms, the Village of Little Chute Board is elected under a 3-4 election cycle, where the Village President is elected every other year.

Communities that elect their Board to three-year terms do so to allow newly elected Trustees more time to learn the issues and have a greater impact during their term.  In addition, three-year terms arguably allows for greater continuity in leading the community at the Board level.

The Village Board is looking for public input on this topic and would like your feedback.  If you clink the following link, you will be directed to take an interactive poll that will be used to inform the Village Board on this matter.  The poll can be found here:

Should you have any other questions or comments, just let us know.  Thank you.

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